In now market, the main materials that can be used as food conveyor belts are Pu, PE, PVC, sir, PTFE, etc.

Food is important to human life and health. The food conveyor belt participate directly into the process of food processing. It must not have any bad effect to food during its transportation, for example, change of food composition, the impact of odor and the pollution of harmful components.

The material of PVC food grade conveyor belt is PVC raw material and polyester fabric, with transverse stability as load bearing framework, which meets health indicators, its features are non toxic, tasteless, not easy to deform, lightweight and durable.

The material of Pu food grade conveyor belt are raw material and polyester fabric, with transverse stability as bearing framework, which meets FDA food grad standards, it has been used widely in international food industry.

The material of PE food grade are polyester hydrogen and polyester staple fiber fabric with transverse stability as bearing framework, which meets FDA food grade standards and it is non toxic in high temperature combustion. It is suitable for transportation in tobacco industry and food industry.

PTFE food grade conveyor belt using high quality imported glass fiber as knit material, which is plain woven or specially woven into high grade glass fiber cloth substrate, and then uses unique process technology to fully soak, impregnate and coat imported Teflon resin to produce Teflon high temperature resistant lacquer cloth with various thickness and width.

Above are conveyor belt which meet food grade standards, normally they are white and blue, their price will be a little higher than ordinary conveyor belt, some bad food manufacturer for saving cost they use normal green conveyor belt in production, the products they made which we can not see much difference from products’ surface, but when they making a lots of bad components like benzene or organic compounds such as aromatic hydrocarbons went to products already. People eating such foods shortly may not big problem, if someone eating foods with benzene for a long time, people is easy to cause dementia, slow body response and a series of suitable diseases.

In now world, people are richer than before, they care more food healthy than food quantity, they believe more brands also, for your own factory long term development, for people good healthy, please choose food grade conveyor belt for your company.

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