Common bonding machine belts will break, especially the connection position of the conveyor belt, the overlap connection position, and the hot pressure connection position are prone to break or the connection jump. When the circumference is inconsistent, the operation stability is poor. It is easy to run off the track.

The Teflon seamless belts we produce for bonding machines have good tensile strength and excellent stability.

Teflon seamless belt is a new type of composite material made of high-strength glass fiber cloth or Kevlar and coated with Teflon emulsion for thermal processing. It is widely used in bonding machines. The use of Teflon seamless belts can completely avoid the problems of breakage and deviation in the use of traditional bonding machine belts.

Types of seamless belts for bonding machines

The seamless belt of the bonding machine is a conveyor belt used on the bonding machine to ensure the normal operation of the bonding machine. According to the material of the seamless conveyor belt, the seamless belt of the bonding machine can be divided into the following three categories.

1. Ordinary seam bonding machine belt

Ordinary seamed belts are prone to breakage, deviation, jump, etc. during use, and are rarely used in production now.

2. Double-layer composite bonding machine belt

Since ordinary bonding machine belts are prone to abnormal conditions such as breaks, deviations and jumps, the double-layer composite bonding machine belt adopts a double-layer design, with antistatic varnished cloth for the inner layer, and tear-resistant fiber cloth for the outer layer. Compared with ordinary conveyor belts, its strength is greatly improved and its use time is long. The overall thickness of the double-layer composite bonding machine belt is uniform, the anti-deflection performance is excellent, and the surface is smooth and delicate. It is often used for processing ultra-thin adhesive interlinings.

3. High temperature resistant Teflon seamless bonding machine belt

The conveyor belt is made of high-strength glass fiber yarn or Kevlar (aramid) as the base material, which is processed into a cloth, then impregnated with PTFE resin emulsion, and thermally processed by production equipment to form a seamless high-temperature Teflon Bonding machine belt. The conveyor belt is currently the best product used in the bonding machine, which can overcome various abnormal production conditions that occur in the traditional conveyor belt, and the service life is more than three times that of the traditional conveyor belt.

Features of Teflon seamless belt for bonding machine

Glass fiber cloth, Kafra and Aramid have very high tensile strength and high temperature resistance. At the same time, the PTFE surface is not sticky and the product has excellent stability. The Teflon seamless belt processed by combining these two materials has the following characteristics.

  • Anti-static
  • Good heat resistance
  • Anti-sticking
  • Good running stability
  • Good durability
  • Easy to repair and replace

In order to make the Teflon seamless belt work well on the bonding machine, we have done special treatments on the edging of the conveyor belt, such as buttons to prevent deviation, strengthen cloth edges, and guide rope traction.

The use of Teflon seamless belt

It is specially used for bonding machines and presses in the clothing and shoe material industries. Bonding machine belts are widely used in the mechanical matching of belt-type pressing and bonding interlinings, as well as industrial drug conveyor belts, electronic component welding mechanical conveyor belts, heat-resistant non-adhesive and acid-base corrosive articles.

Specifications of Teflon seamless belt

We provide three different substrates: Kafra, glass fiber cloth and aramid. The tensile strength of the Teflon seamless belt produced by these three substrates is different, and the corresponding Teflon emulsion is also different. The specifications also affect the maximum temperature that the Teflon seamless belt can withstand. In addition, the size of the product can also be customized according to needs. Contact our engineer [email protected] to learn about the most suitable Teflon belt. Sewing belts, and we also provide free sample service.