Taking Teflon emulsion as raw material, impregnated with high-performance glass fiber cloth, the high temperature resistant Teflon coated fiberglass fabric produced in a special environment is widely used. According to its temperature resistance, corrosion resistance, anti-sticking performance, etc., ptfe cloth is mainly used in :

Anti-sticking lining, gaskets, masks and conveyor belts; depending on the thickness, it is used for conveyor belts, adhesive belts, sealing belts, etc. of various drying machines.

Welding of plastic products, welding cloth for welding and sealing; plastic sheet, film, heat-sealing and pressing sheet backing.

High electrical insulation: electrical insulation tape base, spacers, gaskets, liners. High frequency copper clad laminate.

Heat-resistant cladding; laminated base material and insulation bandage.

Microwave gasket, oven slice, food drying.

Adhesive tape, transfer printing ironing table cloth, carpet backing curing conveyor belt, rubber vulcanizing conveyor belt, abrasive sheet curing release cloth, etc.

Press tape base cloth.

Architectural membrane materials: ceilings for various sports venues, station pavilions, parasols, landscape tents, etc.

Used for anti-corrosion coating of various petrochemical pipelines, environmental desulfurization of power plant exhaust gas, etc.

Flexible compensator, friction material, grinding wheel slice.

“Anti-static PTFE cloth” can be made after special processing