Since Teflon glass fiber cloth is a new type of composite material composed of glass fiber cloth and Teflon emulsion, according to the texture type of this glass fiber cloth and the color of the emulsion, there are two ways of coating raw materials. Teflon glass fiber cloth can be divided into the following varieties and specifications.

  • Thickness: 0.05-1.2mm.
  • Base fabric: plain weave, twill weave, satin weave.
  • Width: 1000-4200mm.
  • Color: brown, beige, white, black, black silver pink.
  • Coating method: double-sided coating, single-sided coating, breathable coating, anti-static coating.

According to different application requirements, we can produce different grades of Teflon cloth, such as:

1.Ordinary industrial grade: This grade of fabric has good heat resistance, anti-corrosion and non-stick properties, and It is mainly used in various industrial fields.

2.Standard grade: produced with imported materials, in addition to having good corrosion resistance and heat resistance, the surface is smoother, smoother, and non-sticky. It can be used in general industrial fields and used as a release sheet for plastic mold release or some products. , Gaskets, and demoulding surfaces are more advantageous.

3.Food grade: The surface is smooth and smooth, with good anti-sticking performance, good heat resistance, easy to clean, and safer to use in the food industry.

4. Anti-static grade (anti-static cloth): In addition to the traditional properties of Teflon glass fiber cloth, it is processed through a special process to make it have anti-static properties to meet the specific requirements of customers.